February 27, 2015

Forthcoming George MacDonald Journal Article on "The Light Princess"

I am happy to announce that I recently had a journal article accepted for publication. My essay, "George MacDonald's Frightening Female: Menopause and Makemnoit in The Light Princess," will appear in a forthcoming volume of North Wind: A Journal of George MacDonald Studies.

The North Wind journal is edited by John Pennington and Fernando Soto and is housed at St. Norbert College, a private, four-year college, located in De Pere, Wisconsin. The journal dates back to 1982 and has an online digital archive that will also soon include articles from Orts: The Newsletter of the George MacDonald Society dating back to 1980.

The essay is an excerpt from my dissertation "The Buried Life of the Facts of Life: Female Physical Development in Nineteenth-Century British Coming-of-Age Literature." I argue George MacDonald's representation of the female coming-of-age body and aging, menopausal body reveal how his modern fairy tale, The Light Princess, utilizes long-standing social codes imposed on women's reproductive capacity. In his depiction of Makemnoit--the bitter and aged woman who curses the young princess' body with weightlessness and levity--MacDonald's narrative illustrates cultural fears surrounding menopausal or reproductively atypical women.

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