August 8, 2015

Classic Car Shows

I love car shows. [Above: Dad's 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.]

My interest in classic cars started as a child when I watched (and rewatched and rewatched) the movie American Graffiti with my dad and he would tell me the details about all the cars featured. [Above: Yellow 1932 Chopped Deuce Coupe, aka Milner's ride in American Graffiti.]

Ever since then, Dad has always pointed out cars of note whenever we'd go out driving together or see a nice classic on the screen. [Above: 1933 Ford, ZZ Top style.]

I don't always know all of the details about what I'm looking at, but I know what I like immediately. [Above: 1936 Ford Convertible Sedan.]

I tend to gravitate towards Fords from the 1930s and anything that's a Chevy (particularly from the 1950s). [Above: 1955 Chevy Pick-up.]

For several years growing up, while other girls had posters of boy bands, flowers, and puppies hanging on their walls, I had a poster of a Volkswagen. [Above: A VW with one of the best interior restorations I've ever seen in a Volkswagen.]

I often don't know the make or style, but love a nice paint job and interior. [Above: Isn't that black cherry shade fantastic?]

The variety of what you can find is always enjoyable. [Above: Pink Cadillac complete with pink trailer.]

When I saw this, I didn't know the name but I knew where I'd seen it before (thank you, Urkel). [Above: BMW Isetta.]

And sometimes you see a car that you know costs more than you'll ever make in a lifetime.

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