August 15, 2015

Alpine Days Quilt Show

[Above: Can you imagine how many hours that would have taken?]

Last weekend I was able to pop in to see the Alpine Days Quilt Show. There were so many beautiful quilts on display made from quilters of all ages. My pictures aren't great--it was difficult to snap shots amid the crowd--but I thought I'd share my top five favorites.

[Above: Wouldn't this feather quilt be a beautiful wall display in a formal dining room?]

I've only ever made one quilt in my life and I am completely indebted to my dear friend Ebeth for making it happen. Ebeth is a fantastic person and quilter and she has a great eye for fabrics. Before attempting to put together my first quilt, I had never realized what kind of skill and talent it takes for piecing together fabrics. I do not, as of yet, possess that talent. I've tried on my own with disastrous results. Ebeth, however, helped me think through my color schemes (I was making the quilt as a gift for my parents) and she put together a beautiful collection of fabric for me to use. 

[Above: I like the blend of individual fabric choices and yet how the color scheme seamlessly brings it all together.]

When growing up in Pennsylvania, my family often made the very short trip to Lancaster, aka Amish country. The quilts on display and sale there were breathtakingly beautiful works of art. If you've never admired their handiwork and ever have the chance to see Amish quilts, please go. They're lovely. 

[Above: I love this. I'd get the white fabric dirty within seconds, but the design is fantastic. Anyone know the names of these patterns?]

Ebeth helped me tremendously. As a beginner, I sewed everything by machine (hers, again thanks) and followed a simple block pattern. It was frenzy to finish by my Christmas deadline, particularly amidst the chaos of grad school finals and papers to grade (what was I thinking?), but she saved the day and my parents loved it...or at least they pretend they like it and that's good enough for me.

[Above: This one makes me happy. It would be a great bedspread for a kid's room.]

That was eight years ago (yikes) and now that I've finally finished school forever (praise be) and I have a sewing machine of my own, I'd really like to keep learning the craft. I'm not sure what pattern I will end up choosing, but I definitely know I'll need to recruit Ebeth once again to help me. She is my quilt Yoda.


  1. I just pointed you in the right direction and you did an incredible job! I recommend finding a local quilt guild to join; there area many wonderful stitches who have lots to share. I miss you, friend! Can't wait to see you.

    1. Ooh, a quilting group is a great idea. I miss you, too!