Hi, I'm Jackie. English professor, reader, writer, wizard, goonie.

What is Jactionary?

Jactionary is a book lover's blog that includes book reviews, author interviews, recommendation lists, and general lifestyle posts. It is your new favorite webpage, I'm sure.

I adore reading and all things book related. I received my PhD in English May 2015 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

During my studies, I worked as an instructor for UNL's English and Women's & Gender Studies Departments. I have specializations in Nineteenth-Century Studies and Women's & Gender Studies. I alsoo emphasized my work on coming-of-age literature (children's and YA lit). Prior to my doctoral studies, I taught English Department courses while working on my master's degree at Utah State University. Fall of 2015, I began a Visiting Faculty position at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I love reading and I love teaching, so getting to talk about books all day long is basically the best job ever.

I have been teaching a wide range of university courses for eleven years: Children's Literature, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, Women in Popular Culture, Women's Literature, The Mystery and Gothic Tradition, 20th Century Literature, and others. Nineteenth-century British literature and reading in general is my jam, Dickens, Austen, Wilde, the Brontes and all the rest of the Romantic and Victorian gang are my squad, and it's a good life. I like knowing the history, culture, and lives behind where stories come from and sharing those details with others. I read widely and often.

May I submit ideas for interviews, book reviews, guests posts, or recommendation lists?

Absolutely. I can be reached at [email protected] or via the "contact" tab in the main menu. Please note, Jactionary is not currently accepting unpaid book review or promotion requests. Due to the high volume of emails, request of this nature will not receive a response. If you would like to sponsor a review or post, please refer to the "Sponsor" tab.

Thank you for visiting!

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